Congratulations! You have found the one to share your life with. A love so strong that you want to hold on to it forever. Sharing this beautiful time with a photographer who will capture every meaningful look and moment you share in this next step together. I get it! 

When I got engaged, the first thing I did was book my wedding photographer. To me, this is one of the most important extra details on the big day. Sharing your love with friends and family is the biggest blessing. Having these precious memories saved forever is truly priceless.

Walking down the isle and seeing my husband for the first time was my favourite memory from our wedding. I walked in and locked eyes with two of my best friends, the eyes teared up. Then I locked eyes with Stephen...we both started crying. My grandma was smiling with tears rolling down her face. What is even better than this emotional moment is reliving it whenever I open our wedding photo album.

Believe it or not, having a photographer you connect with is part of the magic. Trust and understanding is important in our relationship. I would love to chat about your wedding and get to know you better!

Pricing each wedding based on what's most important to you, there is complete customization to fit your special day. With packages starting at $1,300 for 6 hours, there are options for every price point. Fill out the form below to receive my guide and price list!

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